About me

Am Priya Q, a free soul, who is happily infected by the travel bug-bite. I love traveling and have an ever expanding bucketlist of places to explore. Extending my love for travel, I craft travel packages for families and organise GALS only trip through my Bucketlist Travel Company, which is crazy fun.

Why Composed Volcano, you might think. Over a period of time, its relevance has changed in my head, from restless to a free soul; it has been hell of a journey. I would like to think, am more composed now than ever and the volcano will remain within me in the form of a power bank, holding dreams and positive energy. An eruption can only spread positive warmth around. Thankful for each of the experience, that went into weaving my very fabric.

I have two adorable kids – 6 year old girl and 20 months old boy; they keep me sane and wildly crazy all at the same time. My significant other and I share our passion for travel, which has made us do bizarre travels across Europe and South East Asia. Looking at striking many more destinations, from my bucketlist – solo, with GALS and with family.

This blog, is my pure attempt in bringing to you unadulterated information, straight from the traveler’s desk. Hope you gain from each blog piece, in a way you expect and enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it. I accept guest posts, provided they are travel specific and have a fresh perspective. They must be original, for everything else, there is GOOGLE! 🙂

I also keep an online diary of recipes in the form of a blog, recipes that I loved and learned from people I meet. Its called Akshayapatram.

Much love and peace

p.s : If you need to reach out to me for anything, write to me at cogitoergosumpriya[at]gmail.com….


………..when am not running behind my kids or vice versa; I dream to be the captain of my ship… 😉 !

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  1. Cigarindian

    WOW…I had no idea you were so into the IPL. And the bit on Guinness made me laugh. I remember when you had your first Cosmopolitan 🙂 Keep on scribing 🙂 Ciao