Making of Rice Paper – A video

Making of Rice Paper


Rice papers or Banh Trang, are thin edible sheets made with rice and tapioca flour along with water and some seasoning. These are sun dried hence available in solid, thin and translucent circular sheets, which are dipped in hot water at the time of cooking. Though, I was told to keep the rice sheet on wet towel, during our quick spring roll class, on the boat at Halong Bay.

Rice paper or Banh Trang is a staple when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. From Vietnamese spring rolls, summer rolls with fresh vegetables, to fried and baked sweet as well as savory rolls.

A tea seller from Kochi travels the world


When I did an article about “7 must do’s while in Kochi”, I had not heard, let alone visit Sree Balaji Coffee House on Salim Rajan Road. The attraction to this place is not their INR 5 worth tea or their piping hot snacks, but the mood and air around this small shop that reeks of dreams that were dreamt, chased and dusted.

8 years in Kochi, and it needed a video for me to learn about a humble tea seller from Kochi, who managed to travel around the world with his frugal earnings. I simply had to meet them! So, along with few friends, I planned an evening of chai and kaddi (tea and snacks) at his tea shop.

Thinking – sensibly, rationally and reasonably

Global warming is not an unheard topic today. There have been movies released on this subject to boost the awareness level amongst the world citizens. Be it be An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore or 11th Hour by Leonardo De Caprio, the movie carried a strong message of the consequences of the human negligence towards the Mother Nature.