Metal Art : George Town, World Heritage Site (Part 3)

With George Town – street art series along with the posts on Metal art- part 1 and part 2, you must now be familiar with the street art scenario in this quaint and colorful capital city of Penang.

This post, is my final post, where I share few more of the pics of the metal sculptures, commissioned across various streets in George Town.


The five foot way of Wan Hai Hotel is said to be the narrowest in Penang.

Stewart Lane



Holiday haven – Slovenia

Beautiful Koper... Image: Priya Q

2-3 days was all that I had planned to spend in Slovenia, but I ended up staying for a full 5 days traveling and exploring various places across Slovenia, such is the charm of this country located in the Central Europe.

Skocjanske James / Skocjan Caves


I was in Piran, a small, clean & historic town in Slovenia, at a café located in the centre of the city overlooking the vast ocean enjoying my cup of frothy cappuccino while my friends indulged themselves with the locally brewed beers. During the course of our conversation I learnt about the UNESCO World Heritage site in Slovenia. –Skocjanske James or Skocjan caves. And I immediately made a mental note to visit this place.

Meteora Greece


My trip to Greece was more than what I bargained for courtesy my local friend who did her best to capsulate the best of things to do and see in Greece in the one week of my stay there. One such trip was made to the mystical Meteora.

Unknowingly it was my third trip to a UNESCO declared world heritage site in this Europe trip. The other two were Stonehenge in England and Skocjan caves in Slovenia. I will try to write about them soon.