Cu Chi Tunnels – Ho Chi Minh Attraction (Vietnam)

On last day of our stay in Ho Chi Minh, we travelled to Cu Chi Tunnels. Even if you have heard or read about the tunnel, walking around this area and witnessing these tunnels in person, is a different experience all together. A must visit for the history buffs!

A mixed feeling of awe and despair settles on you, as you slowly saunter into the green surroundings. This is a photo blog exhibiting scenarios from day to day life of people who stayed in these tunnels. We can only imagine various hardships, the inhabitants faced, and perhaps draw inspiration from their tenacity and positive outlook.

Travel to Seattle

White pink Cherry Tree and Collegiate Gothic Art Tower, University of Washington, Seattle, USA...Pic source:

The Best Seattle Attractions

Seattle is a wonderful scenic city with lots to see and do. Originally founded in 1853 as a fishing and logging town, Seattle became a center of the air industry after Boeing set up shop here. Lying in sight of Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains, the city is now home to software giant Microsoft. The history and setting of the city provides the visitor with many fascinating and delightful opportunities to learn and explore.