Traveling with Kids? The First Aid Kit you must carry!


Traveling with kids is tiring yet rewarding. With a bit of planning and foresight, you can minimize the angst that most of the parents experience while traveling with baby / kids. First and foremost is the first aid or safety kit! I carry all of the items mentioned below, packed inside a zip-lock pouch. That is in case there is some leak due to any reason (say air pressure etc), zip-lock bags can easily be replaced. That said, I carry disposable zip-lock bags in varied sizes for all my travel. Its an utterly versatile piece of package.

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Traveling with Kids Pic:
Traveling with Kids Pic:


Traveling with kids requires some planning that too in good measures to ensure worry-free trip. Well, as much as possible! If a smooth and stress-free trip is on your mind; then might as well not travel, because, with kids at tow, it’s not even remotely possible.

My travel genie granted me more than I wished for this year. During summer I found myself traveling to 7 different locations – Goa, Marari, Kumarakom, Krabi, Bangkok, Sepang and Kuala Lumpur, in that order. My kids (5 year and 1 year old) traveled with me. And voila! I survived! Was it exhausting? Bet, it was.