Sikkim (part 2)

Baba Mandir, Nathula Pass (pic credit Varsha / Ranjit)

A few kilometers ahead of the Pass you will see the Baba ka Mandir, a venerated shrine of Major Harbhajan Singh. Singh was a soldier who in 1962 drowned in a glacier during the Indo-Chinese war. As per the army legend, Major Singh popularly known as Baba to the faujis, appeared in a fellow soldier’s dream and asked him to build a Samadhi in his name after his death. And right up to this day the army continues to send his personal belongings home every year to drop Baba home during the vacations. (A soldier from the army carries a picture of Major Singh and visits Singh’s native village of Kapurthala)

Travel on a budget (Part 1)

Budget travel in Kerala – Kumily / Periyar

Tough budgets? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy to the fullest, of all that Kerala has to offer.