Street Art in George Town – A visual Journey (Part 2)

While I continue to share the pics of the Street Art from George Town, taken during a trip to Penang, Malaysia, around summer time, here is a link that portrays works of various street artists, from across the globe – 30 Street Artists that are blowing people’s minds around the world. 

This blog piece is the last one int the series where street art is depicted, in the form of paintings. There are various metal art structures that can be found across various streets around George Town. I would be sharing those, on my blog, soon.

Man paddling a boat


Street Art in George Town – A visual Journey (Part 1)

The street art brings about the uniqueness of George Town like none other. Almost every street, wide or narrow, the walls here, have some art to offer for tourists like us. This is a photo post, in continuation to my last post on street art.

Spotted at a shop…



The cat kicking the minion






To be continued……