Review : Xandari Pearl, Marari


While on a vacation, we the mothers generally don’t get to be on a break, with kids walking, jumping even trampling our already frail nerves. Myself along with few other mothers, decided to award our husbands with some bonding time with the kids and go somewhere. One would think of a hill station for a getaway from scorching heat. We chose the beach.

Armed with our swimwear, a hat, sunscreen, beach ball, games, et all, five of us set out for Marari Beach. Not much planning went into it. The only criterion was to go somewhere close to Kochi, preferably at a driving distance.

Spanish cuisine in review

Spanish food is overshadowed by its neighbours; French cuisine is adored by critics, whilst the public devour Italian pizza and pasta by the bucket load. Most people know little about Spanish cuisine other than tapas is finger food, paella is similar to risotto and chorizo is Spain’s spicy version of sausage – sangria and rioja might get a look in too. But this rich, intense, flavoursome cuisine should get far more attention than it currently receives.