Lake Titicaca (Peruvian Travel)

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

Known as the largest navigable lake in South America and with an elevation of 3,812 meters, Lake Titicaca is a mountain Lake, shared by Peru and Bolivia. There are various islands on Lake Titicaca and Uros, a group of some forty two artificial islands is one such. Uros was where we planned to spend next few days in.

The Uros Islands are one of the major attractions of the Lake Titicaca, when visiting from the Peruvian side. Primarily surviving on tourism now, the people here spend all their lives on these islands. It’s interesting how these islands and everything on them are made out of spongy reeds which keeps it afloat.

Best Adventurous Trekking Destinations In The World

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Trekking is one of the most adventurous ways to spend your vacation and extra time. The best trekking destination will give you an experience worthy you trekking. The following are some of the world’s best trekking destinations:

1. The GR20 of France

· It is a fifteen kilometres long trek that demands fifteen working days to go through it.

· The landscape that the trek covers is diversified passing through the forests, lakes of glacier, snow caped mountain peaks and the crates that are wind swept.

· The path is rugged and has very steep sides that are rocky in nature.