India Traffic

Well, I received this write-up through an email forward. I tried to get to the source…to the writer of this brilliant article, but couldn’t. So Mr. Writer if you happen to read this post of mine, please step forward and introduce yourself. The reason I wanted to share your write-up specially with my non-Indian readers who will surely relate to your experience. Reading through your article I had visions of my friends coming back to me – their horrific expressions filled with awe and admiration for the Indian traffic 🙂 So here’s saying cheers to you!


Recounted down below are my experiences & readings about my travel in Europe for the last 2 months.

People in Europe generally get excited the moment they get to know you are an Indian. The feeling is absolutely amazing. They have a volley of questions to throw at you about India, the culture, people, food, way of life and but of course the highly exposed “Slumdog Millionaire” and their general reaction towards the movie.


Yeah…its Value for Money (VFM) and Value for Time (VFT) for the recent 3 movies I watched on the big screen. Offbeat and refreshing parallel cinema.