Places in India

The Most Stunning Architectural Wonders in India

From the minute you step off the plane you will find India is a country of contradictions and opposites. From cities to slums, modernity and tradition to the very rich and very poor; every view and vista of street life and rural life, gives food for thought.

India’s architecture gives us a glance at the country’s past, from the glory days of Persian conquest to the days of the Empire. Book flights to India online and get ready to see some real architectural wonders…

The Taj Mahal Pic source:

The Taj Mahal

WOW events and experiential marketing results09


Live Entertainment of the Year
Sunburn 2008 PDM India GOLD
IIFA Weekend and Awards 2008 Wizcraft SILVER
The Unforgettable Tour Wizcraft Event Active SILVER
Chivas Fashion Tour 08 Showhouse BRONZE
Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Grand Finale Showhouse BRONZE
Live Event of the Year in a Foreign Location
The Unforgettable Tour Wizcraft Event Active GOLD
IIFA Weekend and Awards 2008 Wizcraft SILVER
CISCO India Partner Summit 2008, KL Shobiz Experiential Communications SILVER
New Event Property of the Year

17th Convergence India 2009

South Asia’s largest ICT event is scheduled to take place during 18-20 March 2009 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Convergence India, an annual exhibition & conference is in its 17th year and enjoys patronage of regular clients. The success of the show not only lies in getting as many exhibitors to showcase their products but to ensure these exhibitors get to meet their potential customers under one roof. The way Convergence India event has succeeded in featuring in the annual marketing spends of these companies year after year speaks volume of its superiority.

Me, Myself and the Autowalas


Come what may, my equation with most of the auto drivers just doesn’t seem to get better ever. I changed my base from Delhi to Bangalore and then to Kochi (not because of the autowalas…plz give me a break!), but no change whatsoever in my experiences with them. Is it me, I wonder! Why is it that they would always want to charge extra bucks from me and if I dare refuse, I get those looks of – ‘go and get rich by $$ bucks!’ If not the money then it has to be the route I suggest him to take or the reason I didn’t wave my hand well enough for him to notice and stop his auto or because I am not carrying change or if none of these reasons seems apt, then I am sure with my reputation with the autowalas, they will come up with some or the other reason to hassle me.