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While on a vacation, we the mothers generally don’t get to be on a break, with kids walking, jumping even trampling our already frail nerves. Myself along with few other mothers, decided to award our husbands with some bonding time with the kids and go somewhere. One would think of a hill station for a getaway from scorching heat. We chose the beach.

Armed with our swimwear, a hat, sunscreen, beach ball, games, et all, five of us set out for Marari Beach. Not much planning went into it. The only criterion was to go somewhere close to Kochi, preferably at a driving distance.


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There are so many options one has, to get away from the clamor and clatter of busy Kochi (Cochin). One such place where I retreat is Cherai. About 30 kms from the commercial capital of Kerala – Kochi, Cherai energizes your tired mind with beautiful and picturesque landscape. The pristine sprawling beach, charming lagoons, alluring backwaters, panoply of coconut trees and the gorgeous paddy fields – simply takes your breath away. Such views are the best companion one can have in addition to a book and some music, to refresh your body and soul!

Thailand Beaches Travelers Boast About








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So, you are taking a trip to Thailand? Are you stuck on how to choose the best resort or hotel? A closer look at Thailand’s most attractive qualities will lead you straight to the magical and sometimes secluded white sandy beaches that travelers boast about. Where would you want to take your holidays in Thailand for the best beaches?

Visit Australia

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Australia is a land of opportunity, a magical place full of contrasts, a land of tropical rainforests, snow capped mountains, and a dry, red dusty interior where only the brave or foolish venture. If you are not prepared, the interior takes no prisoners. But the one thing guaranteed to stop you in your tracks is the coastline. Wherever you go, you will not miss the briefcase you left at the office.

Travel on a budget (part 2)

(This is part 2 of my trip… after we had had great fun at Kumily and Periyar..)

Budget Travel in Kerala – Varkala / Alleppey