Avarekai Mela 2017- Bangalore

Come winter, the Food Street in V V Puram Bangalore gets thronged by the foodies, and also the non-foodies, for the annual Avarekalu mela. This pulsating-with-life-and-fresh-aromas-festival, is held by the farmers who produce “avarekai ” (hyacinth beans), a winter specialty bean.

Avarekai aka Hyacinth Beans


Piles of fresh round and green avarekalu right from the farms, meet your eyes as you meander around the food street. Lined up with stalls, food street offered about 30-40 varieties of food, both sweets and savoury made out of this bean. Avare dosa with avarekalu sambhar , idli, akki roti, vada, Avarekai Panipuri, obbattu, holige, jalebis etc., one cannot decide, one particular food highlight from this annual festival !

India – in just 7 days!!

Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore Pic:
Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore

India is one country that has history and cultural spots which are as old as human memory!! With the length and breadth of such gigantic scale India has numerous tourist spots spread across its geography. To see India in 7 days would be a challenge that will definitely test anybody’s scheduling skills. Let me try and show you a glimpse of how I would plan a few major cities. If you were to start the trip in the south, Bangalore is a good bet to start off from. With one of the best climate and weather on offer, this high tech city occupies a high spot as one of the most  eminent places in the list of tourist spots in India. With numerous luxury hotels spread around the city, stay is never a problem and not to forget the delicious food on offer in the restaurants of Bangalore. Vidhan Soudha, Cubbon Park, Visvesvaraya Museum, Wonderla Entertainment Park,…etc are some of the most visited tourist spots in Bangalore. From Bangalore the next easy city to visit is Hyderabad.

Just for laughs – Indian Premier League (3)

Found these cartoons on the net. It’s so very true. If people have decided they will take on you even when you are deep down in pits. Sympathies, Mr. M…hope you are taking this in light humor.



Read trivia on Bangalore Royal Challengers here!

When risk meets grit…

Prakash Varma and Sneha Iype founder, Nirvana Films agreed to have started a firm 8 years ago without knowing where they where headed. All they had was a dream. I wonder what would have happened had they not taken that one risk…that one step out from their comfort zone.

We wouldn’t have had the pug and the kids and the current favorite for many “zoozoos”! Yeh, ok there would have been something else but surely not the nearly icons pug and zoozoo. For interest of the readers Nirvana Films is a Bangalore based company that has created a niche out of ad-film production and have many award winning ad-films to their credit.

Life around IPL


Not that we need any reason to gang up but IPL just adds to the existing excitement of getting together! So, its time again for hi fives, lots of cheering, booing and high decibels 🙂

It’s a rule at my place that the team I support, hubz will go for the competing team…Its fun as we end up booing each other. Geee… And man was I happy when Rajasthan Royal won? I supported them and Chennai Super Kings from day 1. For finals my loyalty was tilted towards Rajasthan Royals and yoo-hoo we won. This year I haven’t decided as yet, though hubz  feel that Bangalore Royal Challengers stand a good chance this year; after all the shuffling and renegotiation of players.

Same old news!


Be it be politics, pollution, crime rate, power shortage….over a period of time all of us have got immune to receiving this sort of news. So much so, when we pick up our morning newspaper we are kind of aware what we will get to read.

Newest addition to the list is ‘the bomb’.

Ever since Bangalore banged followed with blasts in the Modi land and lucky faulty chips episode at Surat (thankfully 20 bombs got diffused before any damage happened), the bombs have become the ‘in-thing.’

Power “less”


40 hrs per week, 2 hrs per day and ½ hrs per day….these are the details of scheduled power cuts in states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala respectively. On other hand, Bangalore is facing an acute shortage of diesel. The spin to the story is that majority of the electricity in Karnataka gets generated by hydro power. The absence of sufficient rainfall is causing shortage in power at source which in turn results in unscheduled / scheduled power cuts which prompts people to use generators, which needs diesel to run. Tada!!!

Eat, sleep, shop and talk cricket


With husband pampering in mind and 1st salary in our pockets my friend and myself decided to check out the talk of the town ‘the bat and the ball inn’. Yes it’s the same place which was inaugurated by Sreesanth, Robin Uthappa and Charu Sharma recently in Kochi. Warm and welcoming, this place consists of a 5 rooms (tastefully done), souvenir shop (good collection), boutique (beautiful and economical towels, cushions and covers but frightfully expensive dresses), silly point café (which was yet to get functional) and Cornucopia restaurant (which is where we had our sumptuous dinner).

Me, Myself and the Autowalas


Come what may, my equation with most of the auto drivers just doesn’t seem to get better ever. I changed my base from Delhi to Bangalore and then to Kochi (not because of the autowalas…plz give me a break!), but no change whatsoever in my experiences with them. Is it me, I wonder! Why is it that they would always want to charge extra bucks from me and if I dare refuse, I get those looks of – ‘go and get rich by $$ bucks!’ If not the money then it has to be the route I suggest him to take or the reason I didn’t wave my hand well enough for him to notice and stop his auto or because I am not carrying change or if none of these reasons seems apt, then I am sure with my reputation with the autowalas, they will come up with some or the other reason to hassle me.

Unleash your mind


I had an interesting meeting with a representative from iDiscoveri, an enterprise founded by alumni from Harvard, XLRI and IIT. Having presence in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai, this company has a unique vision of reviving the education scenario in India. Though the objective of my meeting was corporate driven but I was quite impressed with innovative ideas that form the very basis of this enterprise. So thought of blogging about it.