Come winter, the Food Street in V V Puram Bangalore gets thronged by the foodies, and also the non-foodies, for the annual Avarekalu mela. This pulsating-with-life-and-fresh-aromas-festival, is held by the farmers who produce “avarekai ” (hyacinth beans), a winter specialty bean.

Avarekai aka Hyacinth Beans


Piles of fresh round and green avarekalu right from the farms, meet your eyes as you meander around the food street. Lined up with stalls, food street offered about 30-40 varieties of food, both sweets and savoury made out of this bean. Avare dosa with avarekalu sambhar , idli, akki roti, vada, Avarekai Panipuri, obbattu, holige, jalebis etc., one cannot decide, one particular food highlight from this annual festival !