My brush with wall art, during my travels, has been very many. From graffiti to murals to illusion art; from streets of Lyon, to Amsterdam to various other cities across Europe, my experience has been indeed varied. One thing that remains common in between all these streets however, are the colors and the various moods of the artist behind it. Back home, come biennial in Kochi, the streets in Fort Kochi breathe a new lease of life.

When creativity finds expression, art is born.  From making political statements to bringing about public consciousness, around social issues, street art is the most common public forum of expression.

During my recent trip to Penang, Malaysia, I came across various street art, at George Town. We were staying in the old wing of a beautiful heritage property Eastern and Oriental hotel. Hotel is centrally located and walking distance to the George Town, where we spent an entire day.

The street art in the George Town came about during a festival when Ernest Zacharevic, a  Lithuanian artist, was commissioned to paint the town with his creativity. Few of his paintings could not weather the test of time and now cease to exist. But there still some of them left. Included in this blog piece are few. There are so many other pics, that I would be sharing some in my subsequent blog photo post


The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler


Little Children on a Bicycle


Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur


Kids on a swing


Reaching Up


Boy on a Bike


I Want Pau


Little Girl in Blue



Skippy Giant Cat


I Can Help Catch Rats (by 101 Lost Kittens)


Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat


When in Penang, pick up a map of George Town which has the wall art location, pinned along various streets. You need nearly a day to cover all the street arts, some from Ernest Z and rest from other artists.


To be continued….

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