Do you love owls? Then you will simply love this shop, ensconced in one of the alleys in George Town in Penang, Malaysia. I chanced upon this shop, while on a walking trail exploring the various street arts as well as metal art, around George Town. The owner of this shop imports as well as collects owls during his travels, across various part of the world. In his shop he even has a glass case where he exhibits, his personal collection, that is not meant for sale.

Entrance to the Owl Shop


The Owl collection at this Owl Shop varies from owl jewelry including Charms, Lockets, and Chains; plates, glasses, holders, t-shirts, bags etc. 


From cute looking owls to funny ones to scary looking owls; the Owl collection has something for every Owl lover. 



The glass case exhibiting the personal collections – owls souvenirs from around the world.


Its a pity that the travel collection in my home besides various other things is Tortoise and not owl. Despite, that I did have a kid-in-the-candy-shop-look on my face, as I scanned this shop. If any of you have seen a similar kind of shop selling tortoises, then please do let me know!



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