15th April, 07, its Vishu today, a day signifying advent of New Year. As I sit in my apartment, there are people around yet I am lost in the labyrinth of what I can call my own world of thoughts.

I am forced to write about what I am thinking right now. It’s about reinventing the self. So many times it happens that one gets caught in the rigmarole of the daily life and loose out on the perspective. Perspective of living. The bigger calling, I would call it. Sometimes a need arises to stop and introspect. Steer the way back to course.

It is very painless to cuddle up to your comfort zone. Equally turbulent to tread the unknown lonely path. But the choice has to be made. I find myself to be a big hypocrite at times. I keep saying I cannot survive in placid environment yet there are times I have just done that. Thankfully I have had messengers – ‘god sent’ I must say who remind me of the bigger calling in life.

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