Reinventing thyself


15th April, 07, its Vishu today, a day signifying advent of New Year. As I sit in my apartment, there are people around yet I am lost in the labyrinth of what I can call my own world of thoughts.

I am forced to write about what I am thinking right now. It’s about reinventing the self. So many times it happens that one gets caught in the rigmarole of the daily life and loose out on the perspective. Perspective of living. The bigger calling, I would call it. Sometimes a need arises to stop and introspect. Steer the way back to course.

Jet ko mila Sahara

Year bygone..


It’s my birthday today and amidst numerous phone calls I sit reminiscing over the year bygone. A year eventful with memories   good and bad. No matter how inconsequential, instrumental in making the ‘me’ as I stand today. Wait…am I getting all  philosophical? Cos I have no intentions to! Birthdays are just way of telling you that though you are getting wiser but it necessarily doesn’t mean that you have to act one 😉


It was an official trip for me to Hamburg from Bangalore, India but I had already on my agenda a short personal backpack tour to Paris and Vienna besides sightseeing in Hamburg of course.

A day at SOCARE

SOCARE, Society’s care for Indigents is home for 70 odd kids coming from different backgrounds. Background- some dark, some grave.

SOCARE took birth in the mind of Mr. V Mani during his days as a banker at RBI. He used to pass the central jail on his way to the office and often was left wondering while looking at the waiting mothers and kids of convicts, the life of these kids. Post retirement, Mani decided to invest all his savings and retirement benefits to start SOCARE. Mani along with his wife Mrs. Saroji Mani lovingly extended the comforts of their home to indigents, by turning their home into a hostel.