Street Art in George Town – A visual Journey (Part 2)

While I continue to share the pics of the Street Art from George Town, taken during a trip to Penang, Malaysia, around summer time, here is a link that portrays works of various street artists, from across the globe – 30 Street Artists that are blowing people’s minds around the world. 

This blog piece is the last one int the series where street art is depicted, in the form of paintings. There are various metal art structures that can be found across various streets around George Town. I would be sharing those, on my blog, soon.

Man paddling a boat


Street Art in George Town – A visual Journey (Part 1)

The street art brings about the uniqueness of George Town like none other. Almost every street, wide or narrow, the walls here, have some art to offer for tourists like us. This is a photo post, in continuation to my last post on street art.

Spotted at a shop…



The cat kicking the minion






To be continued……

Street Art in George Town, Penang (Malaysia)

My brush with wall art, during my travels, has been very many. From graffiti to murals to illusion art; from streets of Lyon, to Amsterdam to various other cities across Europe, my experience has been indeed varied. One thing that remains common in between all these streets however, are the colors and the various moods of the artist behind it. Back home, come biennial in Kochi, the streets in Fort Kochi breathe a new lease of life.

When creativity finds expression, art is born.  From making political statements to bringing about public consciousness, around social issues, street art is the most common public forum of expression.

Halong Bay, Vietnam….a travelogue

We head to Malaysia and Vietnam for our family vacation, this year. Two very different countries in more than one way. Malaysia is more developed; landscape is different, and holds a mix of cultures, from Chinese to Muslims, Indians and native Malays. While Vietnam is diverse and full of history. People here mainly follow Buddhism. The food in both Malaysia and Vietnam is great, provided you are a non-vegetarian. Vegetarians don’t have much of a choice, but that shouldn’t discourage you from visiting any of these places. This was my first international trip, post turning a vegetarian and I not only survived, but had a fabulous time.

Avarekai Mela 2017- Bangalore

Come winter, the Food Street in V V Puram Bangalore gets thronged by the foodies, and also the non-foodies, for the annual Avarekalu mela. This pulsating-with-life-and-fresh-aromas-festival, is held by the farmers who produce “avarekai ” (hyacinth beans), a winter specialty bean.

Avarekai aka Hyacinth Beans


Piles of fresh round and green avarekalu right from the farms, meet your eyes as you meander around the food street. Lined up with stalls, food street offered about 30-40 varieties of food, both sweets and savoury made out of this bean. Avare dosa with avarekalu sambhar , idli, akki roti, vada, Avarekai Panipuri, obbattu, holige, jalebis etc., one cannot decide, one particular food highlight from this annual festival !

Ramaserry Idli from Palakkad

Sometimes you don’t mind a delayed train, when instead of whiling time away at the train station; you get to try out something, very specific to the region. On the suggestion of our host and friend, we headed to a restaurant at Indraprastha hotel, located near the famous maidan (ground) or the Palakkad Fort (Tipu’s Fort) to try out the famous Ramaserry Idli. (Trivia about the fort : Our friend mentioned that an underground tunnel existed within the confines of this majestic fort; a tunnel that extended from Palghat till Mysore city! Mighty impressive!)

Ramaserry Idli


My news!

Hello there

Very excited to share with you all, a news article, which appeared in the local newspaper. As we start a brand new year, sending you happy vibes… May this year bring in lots of abundance in the form of health, wealth, peace and joy…

Happy New Year 🙂


Deccan Chronicle – Jan 1st 2017

My holiday in Krabi, Thailand

Standing tall, undeterred
Alongside the crashing waves
Those majestic mounts
Blue or was it green,
The colour of grand vastness
It was heavenly calm
That descended
On the shores of Krabi…

Railay Beach, Krabi
Railay Beach, Krabi


Krabi, a province on Southern Thailand’s Andaman coast constitutes of archipelagos offering stunning seascape, numerous adventurous activities and tranquility in abundance. The islands offer secluded beaches, some of them we have seen in movies. James Bond Island or Koh Khao Ping Gan is one such.

It’s Tour De France time again!

At Colmar railway station...
At Colmar railway station…


It’s been 7 years since that crazy backpacking trip across Europe happened, good amount of time spent in France following the riders competing in Tour de France. With an intention to spend some quality time with my husband, I had decided to learn a new sport, of which I had absolutely no clue about – Cycling!

Despite having an option to explore the country on my own, I decided to accompany hubby while he enjoyed the sport and watched Alberto Contador, Mark Cavendish & Lance Armstrong in live action up close. I relentlessly took photographs with my then brand new Nikon D90 while hubby wrote about the event for a news publication back home.

Family Vacations

Traveling with Kids Pic:
Traveling with Kids Pic:


Traveling with kids requires some planning that too in good measures to ensure worry-free trip. Well, as much as possible! If a smooth and stress-free trip is on your mind; then might as well not travel, because, with kids at tow, it’s not even remotely possible.

My travel genie granted me more than I wished for this year. During summer I found myself traveling to 7 different locations – Goa, Marari, Kumarakom, Krabi, Bangkok, Sepang and Kuala Lumpur, in that order. My kids (5 year and 1 year old) traveled with me. And voila! I survived! Was it exhausting? Bet, it was.