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Very excited to share with you all, a news article, which appeared in the local newspaper. As we start a brand new year, sending you happy vibes… May this year bring in lots of abundance in the form of health, wealth, peace and joy…

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Deccan Chronicle – Jan 1st 2017

My holiday in Krabi, Thailand

Standing tall, undeterred
Alongside the crashing waves
Those majestic mounts
Blue or was it green,
The colour of grand vastness
It was heavenly calm
That descended
On the shores of Krabi…

Railay Beach, Krabi
Railay Beach, Krabi


Krabi, a province on Southern Thailand’s Andaman coast constitutes of archipelagos offering stunning seascape, numerous adventurous activities and tranquility in abundance. The islands offer secluded beaches, some of them we have seen in movies. James Bond Island or Koh Khao Ping Gan is one such.

It’s Tour De France time again!

At Colmar railway station...
At Colmar railway station…


It’s been 7 years since that crazy backpacking trip across Europe happened, good amount of time spent in France following the riders competing in Tour de France. With an intention to spend some quality time with my husband, I had decided to learn a new sport, of which I had absolutely no clue about – Cycling!

Despite having an option to explore the country on my own, I decided to accompany hubby while he enjoyed the sport and watched Alberto Contador, Mark Cavendish & Lance Armstrong in live action up close. I relentlessly took photographs with my then brand new Nikon D90 while hubby wrote about the event for a news publication back home.

Family Vacations

Traveling with Kids Pic:
Traveling with Kids Pic:


Traveling with kids requires some planning that too in good measures to ensure worry-free trip. Well, as much as possible! If a smooth and stress-free trip is on your mind; then might as well not travel, because, with kids at tow, it’s not even remotely possible.

My travel genie granted me more than I wished for this year. During summer I found myself traveling to 7 different locations – Goa, Marari, Kumarakom, Krabi, Bangkok, Sepang and Kuala Lumpur, in that order. My kids (5 year and 1 year old) traveled with me. And voila! I survived! Was it exhausting? Bet, it was.

Review : Xandari Pearl, Marari


While on a vacation, we the mothers generally don’t get to be on a break, with kids walking, jumping even trampling our already frail nerves. Myself along with few other mothers, decided to award our husbands with some bonding time with the kids and go somewhere. One would think of a hill station for a getaway from scorching heat. We chose the beach.

Armed with our swimwear, a hat, sunscreen, beach ball, games, et all, five of us set out for Marari Beach. Not much planning went into it. The only criterion was to go somewhere close to Kochi, preferably at a driving distance.

10 essentials while planning a car travel


Call it coincidence. One of my friend posts her pictures on Facebook of her three week road trip around North India; another friend starts her weekend road trip to Rameshwaram, while I sit and generally glance information about Turo company’s services (from USA) over the internet.

All this transported me back to the time, where I took several road trips with my spouse. Most of them were decided on the spur of the moment. Packing happened in a tizzy. Things flew into the bag in the order it came to mind!  Now with two little kids, such last minute planning is a strict no, no!  I thought why not put together a list of things that are a must for me?

13 ways to treat your travel souvenirs creatively

Travel souvenirs or travel keepsakes can be planned in such a way, that it compliments your décor style back home and doesn’t end up as a “yet-another-trinket”.

Let’s agree on this point, that we all want our travel souvenirs to contribute to our memories of a trip. So, what can we do to minimize our efforts yet maximise on the results? Does a travel souvenir have to be big? Absolutely not! If you are backpacking, picking up big souvenirs is not an option. Does that mean you don’t collect a memory? Of course not! Here are some easy tricks on how you can carry a piece of each place you visit and make it a part of your daily life.

Lake Titicaca (Peruvian Travel)

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

Known as the largest navigable lake in South America and with an elevation of 3,812 meters, Lake Titicaca is a mountain Lake, shared by Peru and Bolivia. There are various islands on Lake Titicaca and Uros, a group of some forty two artificial islands is one such. Uros was where we planned to spend next few days in.

The Uros Islands are one of the major attractions of the Lake Titicaca, when visiting from the Peruvian side. Primarily surviving on tourism now, the people here spend all their lives on these islands. It’s interesting how these islands and everything on them are made out of spongy reeds which keeps it afloat.

A tea seller from Kochi travels the world


When I did an article about “7 must do’s while in Kochi”, I had not heard, let alone visit Sree Balaji Coffee House on Salim Rajan Road. The attraction to this place is not their INR 5 worth tea or their piping hot snacks, but the mood and air around this small shop that reeks of dreams that were dreamt, chased and dusted.

8 years in Kochi, and it needed a video for me to learn about a humble tea seller from Kochi, who managed to travel around the world with his frugal earnings. I simply had to meet them! So, along with few friends, I planned an evening of chai and kaddi (tea and snacks) at his tea shop.