One word to describe the story, the direction as well as the acting. Yes, I am talking about the best declared movie of the year Taare Zameen Par. What a movie!

Nothing less was expected out of Aamir ‘pefectionist’ Khan . Seamless direction and that too with all fresh faces. Standing applause for Dersheel , the main protagonist, who takes the cake. Would an oxymoron like “mature kid” sound apt for him? Guess, it would. Tisca Chopra, Vipin Sharma all did there best natural bit on the screen. Music and lyrics falls just in line with the story. Emotional ‘Maa’ sung by Shankar Mahadevan is my personal favorite. Just loved it.

In my opinion this movie should have succeeded to be an eye opener for parents of not only children who are physically or mentally challenged but otherwise too. You talk of parents, friends or teachers today kids experience tremendous pressure; pressure to just not do well but surpass. Well, healthy competition is always good. Kids emerge more strong and confident but the flip side to it they might give away to the pressure and loose all the confidence which could have done wonders if nurtured well.

Once in a while a sensitive movie like Taare Zameen Par would force parents if not less for atleast 3 hrs in the cinema hall to sit back and think if they have been fair towards dealing with their kids and if there is a better way, which in the rigmarole of daily life one tends to forget.

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