Yup! That’s what you get when a malayalee tries to speak Hindi. I have been a witness to so many hilarious instances; thought would blog about the 2 of my favorite ones.

Take 1
My school friend’s mom (aunty) as a newlywed had to move to the north of India where her husband was posted (having brought up in Kerala, this was her 1st visit to the North). Aunty had barely picked up few words in Hindi when uncle decided to flaunt his wife’s culinary skills to his friends. And in order to impress uncle’s friends, aunty decided to pick up some Hindi which would help her in portraying herself as a cordial host. So here goes….

What aunty learnt was ‘thoda aur khayiye sharam karne ki koi zaroorat nahin’- meaning- please help yourself with some more food, don’t hesitate. Instead the dialogue that actually got delivered on the dinner table was ‘khayiye khayiye, sharam to aati nahi hai!’- meaning- eat more you shameless! Sharam being the operative word here completely changed the meaning with wrong usage in a sentence. LOL.

Take 2
Hub’s friend has had this reputation of sending anyone to splits with his Hindi from his school days. Being brought up in the north I would have never thought of inviting anybody home in shudh Hindi (pure Hindi) the way I got invited by him (the main protagonist in this story).

Padhariye Padhariye (a.k.a welcome welcome) …Aasan grahan kariye (please have a seat)…is what his mentor (wifey) taught him. But what was more hilarious was the way he remembered or was taught these verses. Assan was connected with ass, since the ass goes first on the seat it becomes assan :). Good training (read avenge) lady 😉

Man! Did I or did I not get a momentary time machine experience! Trust me, I felt like I was taking part in some famous epic play like the Mahabharata or Ramayana!

Being posted in the land of mallus, I hope I get have many more such laughs, Amen! 😉

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