Making of Rice Paper


Rice papers or Banh Trang, are thin edible sheets made with rice and tapioca flour along with water and some seasoning. These are sun dried hence available in solid, thin and translucent circular sheets, which are dipped in hot water at the time of cooking. Though, I was told to keep the rice sheet on wet towel, during our quick spring roll class, on the boat at Halong Bay.

Rice paper or Banh Trang is a staple when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. From Vietnamese spring rolls, summer rolls with fresh vegetables, to fried and baked sweet as well as savory rolls.

During our visit to a candy workshop during our tour on the Mekong river, we saw candies being wrapped in rice papers, which looked like normal translucent paper wrappers. This potentially could get discarded into the bin, but for our guide! Thereafter, we enjoyed our candies along with the rice paper. This has to be a super cool idea to save paper, I think!

Here are few pictures followed by a video on making of rice paper-> 

Rice batter (1)


Rolling the batter (2)


Close the lid and cook for few seconds (3)


Post cooking, a roller is used to gently peel off the rice paper (4)


Post this step, the rice paper is gently laid on a bamboo tray and left for sun-drying (5)


Here’s a video that shows making of rice paper, enjoy!

If you are unable to view the video for some reason, click here



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