An Inconvenient Truth


Conergy, the group company of SunTechnics made its launch in India official on 3rd July by screening the academy award winning documentary film – An Inconvenient Truth. I was lucky enough to be a part of SunTechnics since the entry was by invite only.

An Inconvenient Truth, brilliant but shocking movie. Brilliant, because the level of detailing Al Gore has gone into to put across his views on climatic change more so on Global warming is phenomenal. Shocking, because the facts shown in the movie were quite alarming. From showing the level increase in carbon dioxide to possible extinction of polar bears, to the melting of ice sheets at Greenland or Antarctic and its effect on sea level and coastal area inhabitants, rise in temperature in the last 10 years, growing population etc Al Gore showed it all. And I must admit in a very impressive and articulated manner.

The heat is on


New Delhi without winters, a ferry ride to the Gateway of India, an island within Chennai, drought in Cherrapunji are few of the scenarios we can expect to witness if global warming is not arrested or slowed down soon.

Disappearing grassland, perishing cattle and wild life, infertile lands, low agricultural produce, floods, droughts and earthquakes will become the order of the day.

It is said that 2035 is said to be the year when the Himalayan glaciers would totally melt and vanish causing catastrophic disruptions. Vector borne diseases, like dengue and malaria, are expected to rise sharply across India as changes in temperature makes it conducive for mosquitoes to thrive. Heat stress would cause deaths. In the past 150 years, the 11 hottest years were witnessed since 1995.

Why renewables?



From a technology company where everyday all I heard was something related to coding, software, security et all to a renewable energy company, where each day what I hear is subjects like sustainable development, environment, non conventional sources of energy, systems…. it has been an interesting transition from a software company to SunTechnics.

I have been reading about the energy sector and thought would share my views…

We all dream of being citizens of a self sufficient country. We felt proud on going nuclear. But, as far as energy scenario in India is concerned, there is a long way to go.