Shopping in Thailand

If you get a thrill every time you pass the windows of a store, or a shiver of excitement at the prospect of going to the mall, or does shiny, silky, and gleaming things catch your eye when ever you step out on the streets, then you will experience the “Thrill of Shopping“ in Thailand. In other words, if Shopping is in your Genes (jeans :)), then Thailand is the place for you.


I had heard about Vythiri Resort during my stay at Lakkidi, the gateway of Wayanad district. Though I did explore the neighbor, I could not personally go and check out the Vythiri resort. My friends Anjana and Avinash took a break recently at this resort with their two daughters and came back to Kochi in happy spirits with lots of tales to tell.

In this post Anjana share her exploits at the resort while Avinash contributes through his beautiful shots. Btw Avinash happens to be the official photographer of our gang of friends 🙂 Thanks guys for sharing this….


Munnar Pic credit: Pooja Shri

After a soulfully invigorating experience at larger than life temples at Srirangam & Madurai our visit to Munnar was like an added benediction to our tired minds and soul. Perhaps the reason why Munnar remains the most sought after destination in Kerala.

The drive was nice till we realized that our travel agent had failed to arrange the permit required to cross the border; as a result we had to take a detour and go all the way to Kumali and get the permit.Moral of the story – if you are traveling via road and require crossing state borders then do check on the paperwork required to avoid unnecessary hassles. But then me thinks, any trip is not complete without such surprises and adventures!

Road Trip

The advantages of a road trip are that it allows you to travel at your pace exploring places enroute. Pooja Shri is a marketing professional, currently on a sabbatical pursuing her creative interests. When she is not busy making Tanjore paintings or murals, she indulges in cooking and traveling with her better half.  Here she shares her road trip experience from Chennai to Munnar.

Travel from: Chennai; Destination-Munnar, Kerala;

Mode of transport: Car; Route decided Chennai-Trichy-Madurai-Munnar


50 – Things to do in Cochin / Kochi

When I decided to do a “things to do” article on Kochi; I never thought I could come up with such an exhaustive list. And I know for a fact that even this is not complete! If you know of something that is not mentioned in this post, feel free to add in your inputs in the comments section 🙂

Ski Holiday

Mayrhofen, Austria source:

A Ski Holiday in Mayrhofen  

Ski holidays are a popular way for Europeans to relax and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. Central Europe is clustered with ski resorts, with France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria being the most popular destinations. One of the best places to visit is Mayrhofen – a resort that has built a reputation as fun and friendly place that is great for skiing.


Unearth the real Africa on a Zambia Safari!

Described by many as the ‘real Africa’,  Zambia is a country of wide open spaces rich in wildlife with magnificent forests, wild rivers, sweeping plains and impressive waterfalls. A safari to Zambia offers exceptional game viewing opportunities throughout the numerous national parks, game reserves, famous walking safaris and night drives. To explore the wilderness and rugged beauty of this spectacular country is to escape from commercialisation, overcrowding and novelty to rediscover the pure thrill of travel.