7 must do’s while in Kochi (Cochin)


The coastal city of Kochi has attracted explorers and traders over hundreds of years. With lush green surroundings, rich culture, mouth watering dishes, reminiscent of historical influence and last but not the least, with good air and sea connectivity, it’s no wonder Kochi, appeals to the wanderlust of travelers of all sizes and shapes.

Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi Pic: Bindaas Thankam
Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi Pic: Bindaas Thankam

As you descend at the Kochi International airport, from the flight, a verdant landscape awaits that is soothing to the vision. The cosmopolitan city of Kochi, which is 35km away, is a melting pot of various ethnic identities. Besides the local Malayalees, there are Jews, Gujaratis, Konkanis and Jains in huge numbers, who have made Kochi their home. If destiny brings you to this beautiful city; here are the 7 must do’s for you.

London’s Vibrant Nightlife

Whether you’re a hardcore club hopper or someone that enjoys an intimate lounge setting, there is something for everyone in the city of London. From super clubs to hidden bars, the British capital offers a vast number of options that keep you partying from dusk ’til dawn. Here are some of clubs that I personally hopped in and had a blast…

Egg London



FIFA Worldcup 2014
FIFA Worldcup 2014

Brazil – red ember (wood) is what it stands for and that’s how our wives saw it when 5 of us announced we would like to see the world cup football in Brazil…:)

To ensure we could hold fort with the locals, when we land there, we started learning Spanish, which was the closest we could get to Portuguese (no one was teaching Portuguese in Cochin). The planning took a lot of time – because we wanted to see some cities and their culture, the Amazon forest and also watch the football matches. After spending a considerable amount of time in front of the laptop we were finally able to book the match tickets for 4 games & tie up all our internal flights and stay arrangements.

Rameshwaram – A place from Epics

The word “Rameshwara” means “Lord of Rama” i.e. “Lord Shiva”, the presiding deity of the Ramanathaswamy temple. As per Hindu epic Ramayana, post the war with Ravana of Lanka, Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmanan came here and worshiped Lord Shiva, in the form of Lingam to absolve any kind of sins that would have been committed by them during the war against the mighty Ravana.

Best Adventurous Trekking Destinations In The World

Pic credit: http://digitalliberty.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/trekking1.jpg

Trekking is one of the most adventurous ways to spend your vacation and extra time. The best trekking destination will give you an experience worthy you trekking. The following are some of the world’s best trekking destinations:

1. The GR20 of France

· It is a fifteen kilometres long trek that demands fifteen working days to go through it.

· The landscape that the trek covers is diversified passing through the forests, lakes of glacier, snow caped mountain peaks and the crates that are wind swept.

· The path is rugged and has very steep sides that are rocky in nature.

Maine (part 2)

click here to view Maine – Part 1

7. Maine is a state where you can get splendid sunrise and sunset photos. Unfortunately the days we spent there, it was always cloudy in the mornings and in spite of waking up early to watch the 5:00 am sunrise we couldn’t see one. We did get a couple of sunset photos & this was taken in Boothbay Harbor where the English established an early seasonal fishing camp here in 1600s. It was renamed Boothbay in 1842.

Maine Pic: Rishi Menon
Maine Pic: Rishi Menon



Maine, one of the New England states of US, is a fabulous gateway location. Beautiful cliff side ocean drives, stunning sunrises & sunsets, woodlands, mountains and amazing wildlife viewing opportunities await you, shares Suchi.

While Rishi Menon lets his photographs talk, Suchi excitedly continues – We even saw a couple of moose crossing the road. Depending on the season, you can also do whale & puffin watching cruises. In fact certain months you can see the whales even from the shore. And not to forget the numerous antique stores & local artists galleries. We picked up quite a few stuff to decorate our little girl’s nursery & artifacts for our home. Here are few must do and visit places in Maine……

Top Three Activity Breaks

Andorra Pic: http://goo.gl/7JUZRS
Andorra Pic: http://goo.gl/7JUZRS

While some holidaymakers will be happy to find a beach to call their home for the duration of their trip, others will be more inclined to inject their break with as much adventure and fun as possible, which is what activity holidays are available for.

Activity holidays give you the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds on your holiday abroad – whether you want to relax or be pumped full of adrenaline, there’s a myriad of possibilities available to you. Here’s five of the best:

Skiing in Andorra

6 Best Nightlife Scenes in the US

The weekend’s here! You’re done with studying and you need to get out and have some fun, but where should you go? Whether you have to go down the road or take a road trip, here are some cities that you’ll hopefully find yourself in.

Las Vegas, Nevada


Image via Flickr by Stuart Sevastos

Las Vegas is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining cities in the country. Between the casinos and nightclubs, there’s an endless amount of things to do in Sin City. Sure, you could check out the many clubs, but while you’re there, you can check out shows like the Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, Criss Angel’s “Believe”, multiple musicals, magic shows, and more.

Discover the Coptic sites of Egypt


Mount Sinai credits Gunnar Herrmann http://goo.gl/ldHcS
Mount Sinai
credits Gunnar Herrmann


Egypt is nearly always associated with its ancient constructions and rightly so; there’s no denying that the Giza Necropolis or the Temple of Luxor should be on your must-see list. But a large proportion of the country’s historic buildings are actually Coptic, the term given to those of Christian faith in Egypt. From mountain-side monasteries to grand stone churches, these are some of the Coptic sites worth making time for on your trip to Egypt.