Cu Chi Tunnels – Ho Chi Minh Attraction (Vietnam)

On last day of our stay in Ho Chi Minh, we travelled to Cu Chi Tunnels. Even if you have heard or read about the tunnel, walking around this area and witnessing these tunnels in person, is a different experience all together. A must visit for the history buffs!

A mixed feeling of awe and despair settles on you, as you slowly saunter into the green surroundings. This is a photo blog exhibiting scenarios from day to day life of people who stayed in these tunnels. We can only imagine various hardships, the inhabitants faced, and perhaps draw inspiration from their tenacity and positive outlook.

Making of Rice Paper – A video

Making of Rice Paper


Rice papers or Banh Trang, are thin edible sheets made with rice and tapioca flour along with water and some seasoning. These are sun dried hence available in solid, thin and translucent circular sheets, which are dipped in hot water at the time of cooking. Though, I was told to keep the rice sheet on wet towel, during our quick spring roll class, on the boat at Halong Bay.

Rice paper or Banh Trang is a staple when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. From Vietnamese spring rolls, summer rolls with fresh vegetables, to fried and baked sweet as well as savory rolls.

Visit Punta Cana

Caribbean destinations can make your head spin. There are so any islands, so many pretty little towns, so many “white sand beaches,” it can just be hard to pick one destination over another. Almost any one of them can be extraordinary for its own reasons. Below I want to focus on a lovely corner of the Dominican Republic, however.

Traveling with Kids? The First Aid Kit you must carry!


Traveling with kids is tiring yet rewarding. With a bit of planning and foresight, you can minimize the angst that most of the parents experience while traveling with baby / kids. First and foremost is the first aid or safety kit! I carry all of the items mentioned below, packed inside a zip-lock pouch. That is in case there is some leak due to any reason (say air pressure etc), zip-lock bags can easily be replaced. That said, I carry disposable zip-lock bags in varied sizes for all my travel. Its an utterly versatile piece of package.

Souvenir – Love for Owl

Do you love owls? Then you will simply love this shop, ensconced in one of the alleys in George Town in Penang, Malaysia. I chanced upon this shop, while on a walking trail exploring the various street arts as well as metal art, around George Town. The owner of this shop imports as well as collects owls during his travels, across various part of the world. In his shop he even has a glass case where he exhibits, his personal collection, that is not meant for sale.

Entrance to the Owl Shop


Shimla – The Queen of Hill Stations

Shimla has always alluded me. Even through my years spent in the North of India, I could never make it to Shimla for some reason. Here is a guest post by Anaya, who visited Shimla earlier this year. In this blog, she recounts her experiences she had, in this quaint little place called Shimla.

After waiting for so many years, I finally got a chance to visit Shimla this summer. Visiting this beautiful city in the Himalayas was my dream since childhood. Now that I have finally realized this dream, I am writing a brief article about this amazing travel destination and my experiences in the hills.

Visit Mauritius (Maurice)

This post is a throwback photo blog post. It’s been a decade since I visited Mauritius (September 2007). This was my first trip with hubby. While going through the hard disk for pictures from other trips, I came across the Mauritius folder, and decided to share some pictures from our trip here. Despite the time gap, am assuming the details shared here aren’t obsolete.



Mark Twain said: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”. A tiny gem in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius will steal your heart from the moment you set your eyes on it. Pristine beaches, the vibrant blue colour of the water and the palm trees fringing the shore line, a perfect visual treat to start your vacation with.

Metal Art : George Town, World Heritage Site (Part 3)

With George Town – street art series along with the posts on Metal art- part 1 and part 2, you must now be familiar with the street art scenario in this quaint and colorful capital city of Penang.

This post, is my final post, where I share few more of the pics of the metal sculptures, commissioned across various streets in George Town.


The five foot way of Wan Hai Hotel is said to be the narrowest in Penang.

Stewart Lane



Metal Art : George Town, World Heritage Site (Part 2)

In Metal art- part 1, I shared with you, pics of various metal sculptures scattered around the old part of the city. There are many more of them, mainly showing life as it was in the early days of settlement. Most of these metal caricatures, come with a sense of humor, instantly bringing smiles to the unsuspecting tourists, like yours truly.

Here are 8 more of the metal art, around George Town – declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, in 2008.


Metal Art : George Town, World Heritage Site (Part 1)


Penang’s George Town, in addition to the street art, is also known for its metal sculptures / art. They are a collection of caricatures, portraying the history, people and special characteristics of George Town streets. The Malaysian sculpture studio, SCULPTUREATWORK,are the creative team behind this novel art.

There are about 52 sculptures, spread across streets of George Town. In this post, and the following ones, I intend to share photographs of some of the metal art, we came across during our trip to George Town, Penang, Malaysia.